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Lectures take place every Monday from 11:00-12:30 in KN:E-107.
Recordings are available on youtube.
Localization and mapping worksheet questions_aro_2022.pdf.

Week Date Lecturer Block Topics Presentations
1 14.02.2022 KZ Localization I Problem formulation: problem formulation, states, actions, rewards, costs, transition probability, measurement model, conditional independence, complete state and Markov assumption. 00_aro_outline.pdf,
2 21.02.2022 KZ Localization II Localization from simple sensors: posterior belief + Bayes filter + KF for fusing the motion model and simple sensors (IMU, odometry, GPS, beacons) 00_localization_bayes.pdf
3 28.02.2022 KZ Localization III Localization from lidar: EKF, ICP intro 00_localization_ekf.pdf
4 07.03.2022 KZ SLAM I SLAM from lidar: transformation between coordinate frames, generalized ICP 01_transformations_and_lidar_calibration.pdf
5 14.03.2022 VV Planning and Exploration Exploration: task definition, frontier-based exploration. Planning: introduction to path and motion planning Exploration, Motion planning: usage, Videos
6 21.03.2022 VV Planning II geometry-based path planning methods Motion planning, Videos
7 28.03.2022 VV Planning III Sampling-based motion planning: basic methods (PRM, RRT, EST) Sampling-based planning I, Videos
8 04.04.2022 KZ SLAM II Occupancy grid: ICP SLAM and occupancy grid 00_localization_lidar.pdf
9 11.04.2022 KZ SLAM III Robust regression: from ICP to RANSAC: RGB(D) camera models, calibration, RANSAC robust_mapping_lidar_camera_ii.pdf
10 18.04.2022 State holiday. Easter Monday
11 25.04.2022 VV Planning IV Sampling-based motion planning: basic methods (PRM, RRT, EST), their extension for optimal planning, performance measures Sampling-based planning II; Videos
12 02.05.2022 VV Planning V Sampling-based planning: advanced planning methods Sampling-based planning III; Videos
13 09.05.2022 VV Planning VI Sampling-based planning: technical details Sampling-based planning IV; Videos
14 16.05.2022 VH Applications Guest lecture: Václav Hlaváč, CIIRC


http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/~zimmerk Karel Zimmermann (KZ) is the main lecturer and associate professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He worked as postdoctoral researcher with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (2008-2009) in the group of prof Luc van Gool. His current H-index is 13 (google-scholar) and he serves as a reviewer for major journals such as TPAMI or IJCV and conferences such as CVPR, ICCV, IROS. He received the best lecturer award in 2018, the best reviewer award at CVPR 2011 and the best PhD work award in 2008. His journal paper has been selected among 14 best research works representing Czech Technical University in the government evaluation process (RIV). Since 2010 he has been chair of Antonin Svoboda Award (http://svobodovacena.cz). He was also with the Technological Education Institute of Crete (2001), with the Technical University of Delft (2002), with the University of Surrey (2006). His current research interests include learnable methods for robotics.

http://mrs.felk.cvut.cz/people/vonasek Vojta Vonásek (VV) is the second lecturer and PostDoc researcher at the Department of Cybernetics. He spent one year at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) at the institut IAR/IPR. He was a post-doc researcher at the Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Fabrikbetrieb, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany within German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) post-doc programme in 2017. He serves as the reviewer for robotic journals (Autonomous Robots, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, International Journal of Automation and Computing, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, ..) and many conferences. His research interests include path and motion planning, automatic learning of locomotion gaits of modular robots and application of motion planning techniques in computational biochemistry.

http://people.ciirc.cvut.cz/hlavac/ Václav Hlaváč (VH) is professor of engineering cybernetics; deputy director of CIIRC; head of the Robotics and Machine Perception department at CIIRC; head of the informal group called Center Machine Perception, est. 1996, spanning Faculty of Electrical Engineering and CIIRC since 2013, both CTU. H-index WoS 15; H-index Scopus 21, H-index Google Scholar 36; His research interest includes computer vision, reconstruction of 3D scenes from 2D images, analysis of video sequences, pattern recognition with emphasis to relation between statistical and structural methods, autonomous robotics, robotic manipulation with soft materials, industrial and other applications of the above.



Week Date Lecturer Block Topics Presentations
1 15. 2. 2021 KZ Mapping I Sensors I Lidar and Euclidean transformation. lecture_01_recording
interactive quaternons
2 22. 2. 2021 KZ Mapping II Sensors II (camera and RGBD sensors + calibration) lecture_02_recording
3 01. 3. 2021 KZ Mapping III SLAM I (3D-3D and 3D-2D correspondences, ICP, building the occupancy grid) lecture_03_recording+slides
4 08. 3. 2021 VV Planning I Exploration, intro to path planning, geometric path planning lecture_04_recording
exploration.pdf basics.pdf motivation.pdf
5 15. 3. 2021 VV Planning II Sampling-based motion planning I lecture_05_recording
6 22 .3. 2021 KZ Learning I MLE, MAP, Prior, Linear Classification and Regression lecture_06_recording
7 29. 3. 2021 KZ Learning II Deep learning - ConvNet, Yolo, Precision, Recall, FP, FN, TP, TN lecture_07_recording
8 5. 4. 2021 State holiday. Easter Monday
9 12. 4. 2021 KZ Learning III
Mapping IV
Reinforcement Learning
10 19. 4. 2021 VV Planning III Sampling-based planning II lecture_09_recording
11 26. 4. 2021 VV Planning IV Sampling-based planning III, physical simulation, data structures lecture_10_recording
12 03. 5. 2021 VH Applications I Trajectory generation. Generating trajectory
13 10. 5. 2021 VH Application II Force compliant robot. Touch in robotics. Manipulation tasks. Tactile robotics, Force/torque compliant robot
14 17. 5. 2021 VH Applications III Grasping and grippers. Societal aspects of robotics. Use case: Autonomous driving, EU project UP-Drive. Societal aspects of robotics
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