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Homework 02 - Denavit-Hartenberg Convention


  1. Describe the kinematics of Motoman MA1400 manipulator using its dimensions in Denavit-Hartenberg convention as explained in 03. In order for the automatic evaluation to check your solution correctly, choose the 0-th and the 6-th coordinate frames as shown here (the $x$-axis is marked in red, the $z$-axis is marked in blue).
  2. Visualize DH notation of the manipulator in simulation.


Upload a zip archive hw02.zip (via the course ware) containing:

  1. hw02.json - json file containing DH parameters of the given manipulator (see below for the description of how to create it).
  2. hw02.pdf - report file describing your solution containing
    1. an illustration of all axes of motion, all DH coordinate systems, numbered and described;
    2. origins and orientations of angles;
    3. a table with DH parameters;
    4. a description of the choices of DH coordinate systems;
    5. visualization of DH parameters of the given manipulator.

Creating hw02.json:

Create an empty dictionary in Python:

mechanism = {}

The dictionary has 24 keys: “theta1 offset”, $\dots$, “theta6 offset”, “d1”, $\dots$, “d6”, “a1”, $\dots$, “a6”, “alpha1”, $\dots$, “alpha6”. Fill in the values with DH parameters of the given manipulator. Values are numbers. Consider distances in meters and angles in radians.

Finally, save mechanism to hw02.json:

import json
with open("hw02.json", "w") as outfile:
    json.dump(mechanism, outfile)

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