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04 Adversarial I

How to search when someone is playing against us.

  1. Quizzes.
  2. Recursive factorial implementation and analysis.
  3. Learning about Reversi.

Quiz for bonus points

  • Resolve the questions in the given heuristic exercise.
  • 0.5 points
  • Submit your solution to BRUTE lab04quiz by March 8, midnight.
  • Format: text file, photo of your solution on paper, pdf - what is convenient for you.
  • Solution will be discussed on the next lab.
  • Quiz assignment: [Students with their family name starting from A to L (included) have to solve and upload subject A , while students with family name from M to Z have to solve and upload subject B].

Quiz II / Solving together during interactive lab

Fibonacci Sequence

Program the recursive calculation of the Fibonacci sequence: $f(n) = f(n-1) + f(n-2)$.

Analyze the number of function calls and plunge depths.

Tree call:

Demo code:

Reversi: 2nd assigment

  • Download and get familiar with reversi (see here).
  • Launch the game.
  • Create your own player.
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