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Distance teaching

As part of the measures to combat the Covid-19 virus, FEE info, teaching will likely start online (distance teaching), until revocation.

Technical solution for distance teaching and contact information

On-line teaching (in real time) and discussion will be using BigBlueButton.org. The Faculty has a local installation and identity management is integrated with Brute. You will be invited to every session (lecture/lab) by email. For an initial overview, we recommend thisvideo. Unless otherwise specified, on-line teaching (lectures/labs) will take place at the times specified in the timetable (same as for standard physical mode).

You can contact the teachers per email (see the top of this page) or use the discussion forum. You are welcome to let us know your particular situation. We understand that these are extraordinary circumstances.


Online interactive lectures will take place online as part of distance teaching, according to the schedule, i.e. Mondays from 10am. However, often, you will be asked to watch an online lecture from Intro to AI - course from UC Berkeley (or Intro to AI 2018) prior to the online lecture. The lecture will then serve to recapitulate and discuss the topics. On the lectures schedule page, we will upload our expanded lecture slides with additional information so they are more self-contained. Additional resources are listed here.

Computer labs

Computer labs will take place online in the usual scheduled times, i.e. Mondays 12:45 to 14:15. We will use the BigBlueButton.org platform - more details below.

Quizzes. There will be practice quizzes which will be discussed interactively during the labs. You will get the assignment prior to the lab.

Quizzes for points will be submitted using the Brute platform

Programming assignments are in Brute . You will have a chance to discuss them during the interactive online labs.

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