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03 Search II

How to speed up and go towards the goal more efficiently. Heuristic functions. Which are admissible, better?

Quiz for bonus points

  • Calculate optimal travel plan of a plane
  • 0.5 points
  • submit your solution to BRUTE lab03quiz by March 1, midnight
  • format: text file, photo of your solution on paper, pdf - what is convenient for you
  • solution will be discussed on the next lab
  • quiz assignment: [Students with their family name starting from A to L (included) have to solve and upload subject A , while students with family name from M to Z have to solve and upload subject B]

Quiz II / Solving together during interactive lab

How to to optimize number of trials by throwing eggs from a building.

Search programming

  • Python queue or heapq are helpful for saving the nodes from a tree.
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