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OSW Ontology

The ontology is available at http://onto.fel.cvut.cz/ontologies/osw2020.

The ontology imports

  • Unified Foundational Ontology in OWL - http://onto.fel.cvut.cz/ontologies/ufo. UFO is a top-level ontology that should be usable for many domains. Please check the OSW lectures and the online documentation for UFO for more details.

Brief description of classes

  • Crisis – concrete crisis, that have already passed, e.g. Great Depression, 1st wave of covid-19 in the Czech Republic,
  • Trigger – event leading directly or indirectly to the crisis, e.g. Eating bats, non-sufficient hygiene,
  • Effect – event caused by the crisis negatively affecting victims, e.g. losing job, injury,
  • Victim – affected side, e.g. Amazon forest, pupils of grammer school,
  • Villain – agent willinggly causing events leading to crisis, e.g. Bat eater, FED
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