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Checkpoint 2 (max 25 pts)

Deadline 3. 1. 2021


Design an integration ontology for the datasets from Checkpoint 1 and test it.


  • an ontology O extending the OSW ontology, delivered as OWL file(s),
  • at least 100 mutually interlinked resources from all the datasets you selected in Checkpoint 0 and elaborated in Checkpoint 1, described by O, published in your GraphDB repository
  • design of at least 3 non-trivial interesting SPARQL queries over the datasets you create, showing the integration capabilities of the integrated datasets (include how long queries run, results and their interpretation) and include them into the description,
  • a short description (1-2 page extension of the report from Checkpoint 1) describing the design decisions you made, the pros/cons of the ontology, description and evaluation of SPARQL queries and conclusion you make out of the semestral work.


Using the principles of ontological engineering and basing it on the Unified Foundational Ontology. Show how the ontology integrates the datasets on interesting non-trivial SPARQL queries over an OWL/RDF representation of the integrated datasets.

For the integration ontology – it may be beneficial to design the ontology into the multiple files and import them into one top level ontology.

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