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Covid HW 07 - Readings and visualization on the embedded platform

Expected results: main.c file for NUCLEO with following functionality:

  • The program in NUCLEO will be able to draw incoming text on the display.
  • The NUCLEO will implement buffer for the incoming data.
  • Write the code which will send information about joystick actions.

to solve this please use the template project as it is described in: https://youtu.be/IHBoCXe2wAA.


The joystick is an asynchronous device which depends on actions provided by the user. Every action on the joystick will result in a datagram to be sent over serial line. The datagram will look like:

Where JOY_X means the action which was performed such as: JOY_SEL, JOY_DOWN, JOY_LEFT, JOY_RIGHT, JOY_UP.


The NUCLEO will interact only with GTK_term (serial terminal). Every time a key is pressed in the terminal this character is send by GTK_term (serial terminal) to the NUCLEO. NUCLEO will save the incoming data into the internal buffer and it will write these data on the display. When ENTER key is pressed and send to the NUCLEO the internal buffer is cleared and the display as well and the system waits for new data.

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