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OLD_HW 04 - Readings and visualization on the embedded platform

  • Use the template project as it is described in: lab08.
  • Finalize the code which allows to process the commands as described in:


  • Write the code which will send information about joystick actions.


The joystick is an asynchronous device which depends on actions provided by the user. Every action on the joystick will result in a datagram to be sent over serial line. The datagram will look lile

Where X means the action which was performend. It is a decimal number representing events described in lab08 such as: JOY_SEL, JOY_DOWN, JOY_LEFT, JOY_RIGHT, JOY_UP.

The applicaton (lab08) will wait for this datagram when stopped by #wait_for_joystick directive. The X will be parsed and used for the flow control operation.

These parameters of the program will be evaluated:

  • 1 point - student is able to compile and upload the program with example of the display controls to the Nucleo board.
  • 1 point - the Nucleo program will generate string which will be sent out of the Nucleo board based on joystick events - see the description above.
  • 2 points - the PC application is capable to receive the data sent by Nucleo
  • 1 point - the Nucleo program will be capable to receive the data from PC and store these data into a buffer.
  • 2 points - the PC program will send the “DRAW:CIRCLE 64,80,30” command and the PC application will allow for parameter change.
  • 2 points - the Nucleo will draw the circle on the display based on the command received from PC application.
  • 1 point - the PC application is capable to open a file which is given as a parameter on a command line and the name can be entered from the menu. The program will write the content of the text file on the screen - the example of the text file is given in Lab12 description.
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