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Course rules for AI Tools (Draft)

On the course webpage, you shall specify if the usage of AI tools is generally allowed and in which parts and tasks it is prohibited. Explain why students' own work in these parts is more profitable for them than (mis-)using the AI tools.

You can use the text below as an inspiration/draft for the rules of using AI Tools in your own course. Your rules may be different, but the students should know them from the beginning.


By AI Tools, we mean modern tools like ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing Chat, Google Bard, Github Copilot, Code Llama, etc. The rules for using AI Tools in course XXXXXX are as follows:

  • The use of AI Tools is generally allowed in this course, unless stated otherwise.
  • Notable exceptions from this rule are
    • some parts of homework/semestral task reports where you should describe and assess the observed results, and
    • the exam.
  • Be honest and open. If you use these tools, state clearly in your work what parts were created by them or with their help (and how).
  • Teach your teacher about their usage! I am eager and gratefull to learn from you how to use these tools effectively.

The permission to use these tools is a double-edged sword. They can help in many respects, but they can also harm you.

  • Our goal is to teach you something by requiring you to solve homeworks and semestral tasks. (On the contrary, it is NOT our goal to teach you copying the task specification to the AI tool prompt, asking for solution, and copying back the output of AI tool.)
  • Remember: You are the author of the code/report/solution even if AI helped with it! You are responsible for all mistakes AI does and for all statements which are incorrect or not supported by data. You are responsible for all non-existent references AI halucinates.
  • If you let AI generate code for you, make sure that you understand every single bit of it, and that you would be able to write such code yourself. You can use the generated code to learn about programming language syntax and features, or even about your task solution, but then, try to reimplement the solution yourself. You can be asked to explain or modify the code. You can be tasked to write the code without the help of AI.
  • To directly hand in parts of text/code generated by AI is not advisable. It can be treated as a plagiarism.
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