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Homework 02 - Denavit-Hartenberg Convention


  1. Describe the kinematics of Motoman MA1400 manipulator using its dimensions in Denavit-Hartenberg convention as explained in 03.
  2. Implement a simulator of the manipulator in MATLAB Robotic Toolbox.



to add the robotic toolbox to Matlab path. A manipulator with rotational links can be created by

>>L{1} = link( [ alpha, a, 0, d, 0, theta_offset ],'standard');
>>L{2} = ....
>>r = robot( L, 'PRO', 'name', '' );

and visualized by



Upload via the course ware the zip archive hw02.zip containing

  1. hw02.pdf report file describing your solution containing
    1. an illustration of all axes of motion, all DH coordinate systems, numbered and described;
    2. origins and orientations of angles;
    3. a table with DH parameters;
    4. a description of the choices of DH coordinate systems;
    5. a description of your Matlab simulator.
  2. hw02.m MATLAB simulator of the manipulator
  3. all your additional MATLAB files required by hw02.m
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