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Advanced Robotics − Exercises

Week Date Content Test Home Work
01 23.09. Reviewing elements of LA, Matlab, Matlab, Maple alpha HW-01: Solving a polynomial equation
02 30.09. Motion as a transformation of coordinates
03 07.10. Denavit-Hartenberg convention HW-02: Denavit-Hartenberg convention
04 14.10. Example of the Test 1Solution 1 HW-03: Preparation for the test
05 21.10. Test1 HW-04: Rigid motion as a coordinate transformation
06 28.10. National holiday - -
07 04.11. Comments to previous homeworks, Comments to Test1 HW-05: Axis of motion
08 11.11. Test 2: angle axis and quaternions HW-06: Composition of quaternions
09 18.11. Test 2Solutions 2,Division of polynomials HW-07: Division of polynomials
10 25.11. solving sys. of pol. eq. Multipol example Test2 HW-08: Inverse Kinematics
11 02.12. Inverse Kinematics, Comments to Test2 HW-08: Inverse Kinematics
12 09.12. Groebner bases, preparation for Test 3 HW-08: Inverse Kinematics
13 16.12. Groebner bases, preparation for Test 3
14 06.01. TBA Test3

See Matlab Help for Typical Situations in Homeworks.

See General Instructions for Creating Graphs and Figures.

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