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T01 - Light snake

Make an effect of “light snake” on the Experimental shield.

LEDs are connected to following pins:

  LED D1 – PA5 (GPIOA5 - the same like built-in green LED)
  LED D2 – PA6 (GPIOA6)
  LED D3 – PA7 (GPIOA7)
  LED D4 – PB6 (GPIOB6)


  1. Don't forget to enable clock for GPIOB
  2. Change LED pattern with approx. 1s interval. Use delay function from previous lecture.

Possible improvements

  1. Use button S1 on the Experimental shield to change speed (press S1 to faster change, release to normal speed).
  2. Use button S2 on the Experimental shield to change pattern.
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