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BE2M37MAM – Microprocessors

The course focuses on understanding and mastering basic design principles of embeddeded systems. It develops knowledge about microprocessor internal peripheries and communication with external ones.

Individual consultations

After agreement. Concrete problems will be discussed hence come with open problems you are struggling with.

Exams and Tests

Both the exam as well as the mid-term/end-of-term tests are multiple choice tests, no materials and no devices are allowed (papers will be provided, only own pen is necessary). Any use of materials, devices or cooperation during the exam / test will be awarded with 0 points (fail).

The content of the exam / test will be based on the content of:

  1. Lectures before the date of the exam / test (not limited but including the slides released after each lecture)
  2. Exercises and tasks practiced before the date of the exam / test

Important dates:

- Mid-term test date: 14.11.2019 (during the lecture)

- End-of-term test date: 20.12.2019 (during the lecture)

- Final exam: To be specified Use the Faculty information system KOS to enrol, watch carefully for the room number, exact date and time. Information on this website is only informative, the valid dates and times are in the KOS system.


Points: 30 individual tasks, 20 semestral project, 20 mid-term tests during the term (2 tests, 10 points each), 30 final exam. At least 30 points (out of 70) are needed before going to the final exam (in order to obtain “zapocet”). At least 10 points (out of 30) are needed to pass the exam. Extra points for discussions and bonus homework count to the total sum of 70 points.

100-91 90-81 80-71 70-61 60-51 50-0

F means fail.

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