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BE0M33BDT – Big Data Technologies


Because the English version of this course has to be held only for few students, the form will be different:

  • self-study of literature and presentations
  • two whole-day (or four half-day) workshops with training in technologies:
    • 5. 11. 9.00–16.00
    • 4. 12. 9.00–16.00
  • homework
  • test
  • oral exam


  • registration in Metacentrum (group CVUT:FEL:B0M33BDT or CVUT:FEL:A4M33BDT)
  • Linux basic skills (file and directory management)
  • SQL basic skills (creation of table, simple SELECT, GROUP BY, JOIN)
  • Python basic skills (list, tuple, dict, string manipulation and functions, basic regexp)
  • general skills in programming/scripting, using console and shell



Practice, Hands-on training




Assessment and exam requirements

  • for assessment: at least 25 points (50 possible) got for tests and homeworks; the more points, the better position for the exam
  • for exam: a short interview on theoretical topics, the final mark is “sum” of assessment points and exam performance


Course coordinator: Jan Hučín


Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition, by Tom White

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