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Semestral Work

15.11.2018 - tips for CP1 Remind that the goal of the whole semestral work is to integrate the schemas of the datasets you have (integration on temporal/spatial extent is not enough). Now that you understand better your data, if you are still unsure about suitability of the datasets for the semestral work, please let us know, e.g. by email, or come and consult.

Correct examples:

  • see tutorial 1 (Czech social security administration dataset integration). “Typ posudku - Invalidita - typ řízení zjišťovací” in one dataset determines “Počet nově přiznaných důchodů” in another dataset.
  • demografická statistika Štatistického úradu SR (Živonarodení v manželstve podle Veku matky) vs. Vybrané demografické údaje (1989-2017) ČSÚ Živě narozené děti podle věku matek při porodu. In CP2 you would decompose such categories (and find out that the latter is a subset of the former in this case)

Incorrect example:

  • Dataset about number of parking places in Prague vs. Dataset about number of births in Prague - they are only related by the geographical axis (e.g. sharing the geospatial axis - Prague districts), but otherwise they are not connected.


The semestral work is graded in three checkpoints:

To successfully complete the semestral project, you need to obtain at least 50% grading from each checkpoint. For completing a checkpoint you need to

  1. (by the checkpoint deadline) push the deliverable from each checkpoint to the GIT repo https://gitlab.fel.cvut.cz/B181_B4M33OSW/%username%, resp. https://gitlab.fel.cvut.cz/B181_BE4M33OSW/%username%
  2. (by the checkpoint deadline) upload a txt file 'cp0.txt', resp. 'cp1.txt', resp. 'cp2.txt' into the upload system. The only content of the file is the hash of the GIT commit you are submitting to the checkpoint
  3. (at the next lab) defend the checkpoint.

If you submit your checkpoint after the deadline, you will be penalized by losing 5 points for each commenced week of delay. This penalization will not be taken into account when deciding on passing/failing a checkpoint but will be used for the final grading.


The basic goal of the semestral project is to Create a linked data set together with an associated ontology and integrate it with other data sets as shown in this diagram:

The topic for this term will be Our City - the place we live in.. Expected subtopics are (but not limited to) urban planning (cadastral data, land registry, …), immovable properties, buildings (constructions, RUIAN, …), and infrastructure (roads, cycling routes, utilities).

OSW Ontology

Generic Ontologies

Generic Dataset Sources

Sample projects from previous years

Archives semestral-work-example-1.zip and semestral-work-example-2.zip are two examples of semestral works from previous years. Note, that they cannot be used as a “template” for your semestral work since the rules from previous years were slightly different.

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