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To obtain the graded assessment at the end of the course you need to:

  • participate in tutorials actively and on regular basis
  • successfully complete the semestral project (max. 50 pts)
  • successfully pass the exam test (max. 40 pts)

During semester, there will be two short tests (2 x max. 5 pts), without any minimal points restriction.

Semestral project

The semestral project is graded in three checkpoints:

To successfully complete the semestral project, you need to obtain at least 50% grading from each checkpoint. Each checkpoint has to be pushed to the GIT repo https://gitlab.fel.cvut.cz/B181_B4M33OSW/%username%, resp. https://gitlab.fel.cvut.cz/B181_BE4M33OSW/%username% before each deadline (see the course schedule). For each commenced week after the deadline, you will be penalized by losing 5 points. This penalization will not be taken into account when deciding on passing/failing a checkpoint but will be used for the final grading.


An exam will consist of approx 60 min - 90 min test covering all topics from lectures and seminars. You need to get at least 20 pts to pass.

In total, you can obtain 0-100 points that will be transformed to grades according to the ECTS Scale.

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