Timetable at FEE Students of PGE Upload system BRUTE


Quarantine strategy
In particular, the regulating documents are:

The overall quarantine outline: http://www.fel.cvut.cz/en/covid/.

All exam participants are expected to know and follow the given quarantine rules during PGE exams.
If the quarantine rules are violated the exam might be terminated prematurely without yielding any result or grading.

Dates and locations of examinations

Will be specified here at the end of semester.

Homeworks completed

You should complete all homeworks you had chosen to solve before you sit for the exam.


The exam consists of the analytical and the programming part.

At the analytical part the student is given a few snippets of python code, typically about 4-5 snippets, each having at most 25 lines. The task is to explain what the code does, what is its output. There might be some lines missing in the code and a part of the task is then to fill in those lines according to the presumed functionality of the code. Also, a student may be asked to write on parper a short function in Python with specified functionality. No additional sources, including printed and electronic, may be used at the analytical part.

At the programming part the student must solve a programming problem related to the semester programming homeworks. There are 10 data input files associated with the problem and the student's code must yield a correct solution of at least 5 files. The programming part lasts 2.5 hours (150 min). Students can bring to the programming part any printed or electronic sources on a flash disk.

Programming part setting
All programming will be done on school computers equipped with python IDE. The computers will be disconnected from the Internet. One supervised computer with Internet connection will be available for occasional queries regarding syntax/semantics of particular Python features.

Consecutive terms
A student which fails at any part of the exam (analytical or programming) may repeat this part in any of later exam terms and does not have to repeat the remaining part. His/her results in the other part are not affected. When a student repeats some part more times only his/her best result from all terms of this part is graded. In total, each student can take part in at most three terms of the analytical part and three terms of the programing part.

Points and grading
At the exam, the total of the following is computed:

  • Points gained by solving homeworks. Acceptable minimum is 20 points.
  • Points gained by solving the programming part. Acceptable minimum is 5 of maximum 10 points. Each correctly processed input file of total 10 files is worth 1 point.
  • Points gained by solving the analytical part. Acceptable minimum is 8 of maximum 16 points. The amount of points gained is decided by the examiner.
Points total   Grade  
============   =====
      < 33       F 
 33  -  37       E 
 38  -  42       D  
 43  -  47       C 
 48  -  52       B 
 53  -  58       A

Late minimum correction
When you find after the failed practical exam that the failure was caused by a trivial error in your code you may ask the examiner for repeated evaluation of the corrected code. If the corrected code works according to the exam demands you may still pass this part of the exam. The necessary conditions of a success in such case are:
1. The correction must be conceptually simple and physically short (few lines of code, at most).
2. The original failled solution must be uploaded to Brute before the end of the exam.
3. The correction must be done in the day of the exam.

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