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BE5B33PGE – Programming for Engineers

Course goals

The course is concerned with the ability to implement elementary engineering applications in an effective way. The particular topics are:
– Processing numerical and text data.
– Building simple expandable applications.
– Introduction to tree and graph structures.
– Code debugging skills.
Integral part of practices are graded programming homeworks.

Python programming

The student of the course is expected to be capable of simple programming in Python. The student should understand basic structures like arrays, lists, files and should be able to access and manipulate data stored in these structures.

Course evaluation and grading

  • There are a few programming homeworks in the semester. The final semester evaluation (assessment) is based on the solutions of homeworks. The rules governing the homeworks are listed in the Practices section .
  • The final grading depends on both the semester results and the exam results, see Exam section.

All study links and references are collected in the Books and on-line resources section.


Individual consultations may be scheduled and held according to students' requests.
Email to berezovs@fel.cvut.cz to negotiate the time and the form of the consultation.

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