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C - Simple player submission

The first part of the homework: submit at least the most basic (but working!) player. Until then you won't be allowed to participate in the actual tournament (see section D). Please attempt this part first and preferably as soon as possible. In case you get stuck, don't hesitate to ask the teacher for help. The second part (tournament) could be much more time demanding so don't leave the first part to the last minute.

The player has to meet all the specifications. Those are the same for both, the simple player and the final tournament. So, the player must be able to play regardless of its intelligence. You will get 2 points if the player meets the specification (see the checklist below). You can earn 2 additional points for the implementation of an intelligent player and for readable and well-commented code.

The player has to meet all the following points in order to earn 2 points:

  • Module called player.py (only and only this file)
  • Non-empty docstring.
  • It is possible to create an instance of the MyPlayer class with 1 input parameter (payoff matrix)
  • It is possible to create an instance of the MyPlayer class with 2 input parameters (payoff matrix, number of iterations)
  • The move() method returns True or False (Boolean logic type)
  • The record_last_moves() exists and it is capable of accepting input parameters.
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