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To obtain the graded assessment at the end of the course you need to:

  • participate in tutorials actively and on regular basis,
  • successfully complete the semestral project (see below) (at least 25/50 pts),
  • successfully pass the exam test (see below) (at least 20/40 pts),
  • score at least fifty points (out of possible one hundred) in total.

During semester, there will be two short tests (2 x max. 5 pts). Points acquired from short tests may help you to get better grade in the end, but there is no requirement on minimal score from the short test (there is also no obligation on even participating in those test).

Semestral project

The semestral project is graded in three checkpoints:

To successfully complete the semestral project, you need to obtain at least 50% grading from each checkpoint. Each checkpoint has to be pushed to the GIT repo https://gitlab.fel.cvut.cz/B231_B4M36OSW/%username% at least last Sunday before each deadline (see the course schedule). For each commenced week after the deadline, you will be penalized by losing 5 points. This penalization will not be taken into account when deciding on passing/failing a checkpoint but will be used for the final grading.


An exam will consist of 90 minutes test covering all topics from lectures and seminars. Test contains 10 questions, 4 points each. Test contain multiple options questions and free text questions. Multiple options questions may have multiple correct answers. Check the option if you think is it true, cross it if it is false and leave it blank if you do not know. You will get one point per correctly checked or crossed answer, minus one point per wrongly checked or crossed answer and zero points per blank answer. You need to get at least 20 points to pass the test.

Short tests

During the semester, two short tests takes place. Each test contain 2-3 questions for total five points. All topics from the seminars may appear in the short tests. For innovative solutions, extra points may be gained. Tests require practical solutions with the computer, including SPARQL queries, RDF ontologies etc.

Final grading

In total, you can obtain 0-100 points that will be transformed to grades according to the ECTS Scale.

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