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Ontologies and Semantic Web (B4M36OSW)

Subject focuses on bringing the meaning to the data and its processing in this way.


During the semester we will teach You, how to process data according to their meaning. Data in general have ambiguous meanings of data based on the context in which it is declared and/used. We will show You how to disambiguate meaning of data using thesauri and ontologies and how to interconnect them using linked data and semantic web technologies. During the semester You will work with various open data, learning to:

  • consolidate, unify and publish data on web using Resource Description Framework (RDF),
  • develop an OWL-based ontology to describe RDF data and infer new knowledge based on the rules set up in the ontology,
  • create queries over RDF data using SPARQL language,
  • validate RDF data using SHACL.

You will try all this by yourselves during the semestral project, in which you are going to integrate ambiguous data using ontologies and answer non-trivial questions over them using SPARQL.


Basic Information

Subject consists of obligatory seminars and voluntary lectures, knowledge from both expected in the exam and semestral work.

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