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03 Adversarial I

How to efficiently go towards a goal. How to search when someone is playing against us.

  1. Exercises.
  2. Recursive factorial implementation and analysis.
  3. Learning about Reversi.

Efficient Goal Reaching

How to to optimize the number of trials by throwing eggs from a building!

Exercise I / Solving together

Exercise II / Solving together

Gold coins! Mine! How to maximize rewards and scam your colleagues thanks to “game theory”, “democracy”, and weight lifting!

Fibonacci Sequence

Program the recursive calculation of the Fibonacci sequence: $f(n) = f(n-1) + f(n-2)$.

Analyze the number of function calls and plunge depths.

Tree call:

Demo code:

Reversi: 2nd assigment

  • Download and get familiar with reversi (see here).
  • Launch the game.
  • Create your own player.
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