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The submitted output of each task is a report (PDF, HTML, plain text), that contains the obvious parts, such as

  • names of authors,
  • task assignment (copy), and
  • conclusion,
  • stated how you solved the task,
  • what results have you achieved,
  • what problems have you encountered and
  • how you dealt with them.

The message should be as short as possible, but it must not lack anything significant. The source code solving the task is also to be submitted. Part of the point evaluation of the task is the quality of report design.

You will need Uppaal, Alloy and your favorite scripting language to generate reports. Each student / team can choose the development environment according to their skills, eg Python, Java, C ++ / C, Ruby, PHP, C #, Lua, etc. or calculate calculations on the fingers of one hand or using a calculator. The recommended programming language is Python, for which there are a number of supporting libraries that can be used to advantage in this course. The aim of the course is not to teach you to program, but to use appropriate resources that are related to the issue. Due to the expected last year of master's studies, it is up to each team to find and decide on an effective solution (with the exception of plagiarism, of course), which will fulfill the task in the allotted time. You might also like Graphviz.

Tasks are submitted to the Upload / Brute system. The deadline for submitting an assignment is usually the following exercise. However, some tasks will be given longer time.

Seminar schedule

ATTENTION! It will be continuously updated.

Week Date Instructor Task points Contents Teaching materials
1 21.9.2022 MC -
Exercise organization.
Division into groups of max. 2 students.
Check access to the lab and computers.
Environment installation.
Check system Upload Access.
- 0pzdr: Greeting
- 1apsp: Shortest path distribution
2 28.9.2022 state holidays
3 5.10.2022 MC 4 Generating different types of graphs assignment2.pdf
4 12.10.2022 MC 3 Rich club identification of network nodes 2016-05-26.tgz
5 19.10.2022 MC 3 Reconstruction of communication computer network assignment4.pdf
6 26.10.2022 MC 3 Community detection and traffic dynamics assignment5.pdf
7 02.11.2022 MC 0 Finishing assignment 5
8 09.11.2022 MC 6 Protocol specification and verification using the Alloy tool alloy.pdf
9 16.11.2022 MC 4 Dynamic system specification in UPPAAL \\(preparation: install Uppaal) nim-1.pdf
10 23.11.2022 MC 4 Construction of tests for FSM. Characterization set construction Assignment 8
11 30.11.2022 MC 5 (+3 for L*) Determination of the state using the control sequence of the finite state machine. Assignment 9
Simpler automaton if large ones give you trouble: Simpler automaton if large ones give you trouble
12 07.12.2022 MC 4 Network dynamics. network_dynamics.pdf
13 14.12.2022 MC
14 11.01.2023 MC Consultation.
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