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A template is prepared for each homework. You can change the following in the template:

  • Adding Julia core libraries such as Statistics, LinearAlgebra or Random.
  • Adding new functions.
  • Replacing nothing with arbitrary code.
  • Adding keywords arguments.

Do not change function declarations (besides adding key arguments), do not add any packages (other than Julia core libraries), or rename the file.

Maximum number of uploads

The maximum number of uploads is limited to 5. We introduced this after a bad experience with unlimited number of uploads, where it turned out that:

  • A large number of students used BRUTE as a debugger. In many cases, they sent multiple uploads within a few minutes.
  • A large number of students did not write unit tests. We received a large number of emails asking about the code, only to find that computation of the gradient was wrong.

To balance this constraint, we have made these improvements for you:

  • We added a first check where we check for the existence of all methods. In case of failure, what is wrong is written. We are checking:
    • The correct name of the uploaded file.
    • Existence of all required functions and methods.
    • Next, we run all methods and check if they return the correct type (for example, vector or matrix).
  • We added a secondary check where we check the functionality of all methods. In case of failure, it will be written which method is wrong.
  • We have added recommended unit tests to the homework assignments.

It is possible to upload even after the upload number limit has been exceeded. The output for additional uploads will be the same, but without points. The final number of points equals to the maximum (not the last) number of points obtained.


Submission and Evaluation

Tasks will be automatically evaluated by BRUTE. The completed task must be packed in .zip format before uploading.

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