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Number Topic Tutor Contents Materials
1 RL Ryšavý MDP rltutorial1.pdf rltutorial1-solved.pdf mdprefresh.pdf
2 RL Ryšavý TD-learning rltutorial2.pdf rltutorial2-solved.pdf rltutorial2.zip
3 RL Ryšavý Theoretical problems rltutorial3.pdf rltutorial3-solved.pdf convergence.pdf
4 RL Ryšavý Deep RL nnsrltutorial.zip
5 RL Ryšavý Deep RL Tutorial 5 continued
6 BN Svatoš BN Monday imx-visp-odw, Wednesday psc-odwo-kkm bn1.pdf ; Wednesday's tutorial without voice, Monday's tutorial wasn't recorder
7 BN Svatoš BN Monday https://meet.google.com/wkw-gwuh-xyq, Wednesday in class, bn2.pdf ; Monday's tutorial part 1 part 2 likelihood weighting ; BN assignment
8 NLP Šír Probabilistic models Probabilistic models
9 NLP Šír Vector models Vector models
10 NLP Šír Neural Models Neural models NLP assignment
11 COLT Tóth Mistake Bound Learning MB Learning MB Learning Solutions
12 COLT Tóth MB theoretical problems Problems Problems with solutions
13 COLT Tóth PAC Learning Problems Problems with solutions PAC Learning
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