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The labs usually consist of two parts. In the first part, the teacher introduces new concepts from the last lecture and shows students how to use them. In the second part, students are given tasks that they try to solve individually. The solutions to the given tasks will be available after the last lecture of the week.

Where to get help

If you struggle with an exercise or an assignment, feel free to contact your tutor via email (the emails are listed at the bottom of the course's home page.

There are also online communities where you can get in touch with your peers. Keep in mind our academic principles - no plagiarism, avoid sharing code snippets directly, and try to come up with a solution by yourself first.

  • Faculty Discord
    • Primarily in Czech
    • After authenticating with a faculty account, you can select which course's channels you want to see in #volba-předmětů (check #fup)
  • Functional Programming Discord
    • Primarily in English
    • Has channels not only for Racket (#racket) and Haskell (#haskell-beginners, #haskell-beginners-more, #haskell, #haskell-tooling), but also for all kinds of FP and math topics
  • Student forum
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