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FUP – Functional Programming


This course introduces students into the techniques of functional programming, the advantages and disadvantages of this programming paradigm, and its use in practice. This approach is declarative in the sense that the programmer symbolically describes the problem to be solved, rather than specifying the exact sequence of operations required to solve it. It allows focusing on the essence of the solved problem and implementing even more complex algorithms compactly. Functional programming has notable advantages for parallelization and automated verification of algorithms, and the most useful functional programming concepts are increasingly often introduced to standard programming languages. Because of the focus of functional programming on symbols, rather than numbers, functional programming has been heavily used in in artificial intelligence fields, such as agent systems or symbolic machine learning.


Weekly lectures and labs.

Homework assignments every 2 weeks worth 50% of the grade.

  • 3 assignments in Scheme
  • 2 assignments in Haskell

At least 1 point from each assignment is necessary to pass.

Final programming exam for 30%.

Final test for 20%.


In order to come to the exam, the student should have fulfilled the conditions for passing the labs. It means having at least 1 point from each home assignment and at least 25 points in total.

Assignments from the first two exams are published below. You can practice them in the upload system, if you want. I suggest not looking at the text of the assignments before you have time to attempts to solve it. You should be able to solve each of them in roughly 30 minutes to get perfect score in the exam.

Exam1 Exam2 Exam3


Consulting hours E-mail Místnost Poznámka
Viliam Lisý appointment by email lisyvili@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-407 Lecturer
Karel Ha appointment by Doodle hakarel@fel.cvut.cz KN:E-316 Instructor
Jan Jakubův appointment by email jan.jakubuv@cvut.cz CIIRC:A-614a Instructor
Lasse Blaauwbroek appointment by email lasse@blaauwbroek.eu CIIRC:A-615 Instructor
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