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Lecture Day Topics Codes/slides
1. 16.2. 1D arrays and lists, 2D arrays create , access , append , insert , delete , 2D fill, generate, analyze
2. 23.2. Prefix sum, binary search, sliding window, speed issues prefix sum, search
3. 2.3. Strings and text files
Data are available in the practices section
strings1 strings2 strings3 strings4 strings5 textfiles climate1 climate2
4. 9.3. Conclusion of Lessons 1., 2., 3., more examples materials of Lectures 1,2,3.
5. 16.3. Library support for searching and sorting, complexity of searching and sorting and other tasks. search1, search2, sort1, sort2
6. 23.3. Trees and recursion I, principles, simple examples recursive1 recursive2 recursive3
7. 30.3. Trees and recursion II, backtrack ADT tree 2, tree training example
8. 6.4. Python application libraries Numpy, Matplotlib, Scipy with examples of use numpy example display with mathplotlib display climate data climate data files
9. 13.4. moved to lecture 11 27.4.
10. 20.4. Abstract Data Types (ADT) – stack, queue, tree – and their implementation stack, queue,tree - slides
ADT queue ADT stack ADT tree cyclic queue ADT tree extended examples
11. 27.4. Processing Internet data sources csv0, csv1, csv2, csv3.py, matplotlib , Gapminder data source, Kaggle data source
12. 4.5. Programming repetitions sorting searching, trees, recursion check also previous examples above
recursion short repetition
Tree Examples 2, Tree Examples 2a, Tree Examples 3, Tree Examples 4
search nodes problem , solution
Sum of Leaves Keys solution , Neighbour Pairs, solution
13. 11.5 University Sports Day . classes suspended
14. 18.5 Repetitions and exam examples set 1 , set 2, arrays_tasks, recursion_tasks
Programming exam examples:
Gallery Guards
Rectangles area
Cooperating Robot Pairs
Secure Matrix Areas
15. not applied in 2022 Basics of User Interface, TKinter all.zip win1 label1 label2 label3 button1 button2 button3 button4 entry1 entry2 entry3 combo1 combo2 checkbutton1 checkbutton2 radio1 scroll1 scroll2 dialog1 calc1
16. not applied in 2022 Estimation of execution time of a code, asymptotic complexity. asymptotic complexity, nested loop examples ,
also, consult the example codes in lesson 01


Lecture 2. Binary search visualisation

Lecture 11. Gapminder data visualisation


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