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The exact deadlines for homework assignments are to be found in the Upload system

Homework Automatic Eval. Manual Eval. Total
Right triangle 3 2 5
Quadratic equation 5 1 6
Vector library 5 2 7
Files 5 3 8
Objects and classes 1 - Fraction class 8 4 12
Objects and classes 2 - Prisoner's dilemma 10 2 12
Total 38 12 50

Bonus homework (improve your point score, if you want):

Homework Automatic Eval. Manual Eval. Total
Balls 5 5
Character equation 0 6 6
Vector class 1 0 1
Protein folding 0 10 10
Total 10 12 22

Note: In order to receive the points from bonus homework (except for the Vector class) you have to present your solution to the teacher.

Weekly Homework

Besides the above-mentioned homework, there will be a homework assignment every week testing an essential understanding of the topic and your programming skills. The assignment will be discussed during the PC lab and students will be guided by the teacher in order to solve the problem during the lab (with an extended deadline on each Friday 23:59), i.e., students should be able to solve the problem promptly alone or with minor help from the teacher before the lab ends. Timely submission of all weekly homework assignments is mandatory.

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