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Semestral project 2: Hidden Markov Models

This project is a team work. You shall work in pairs. If you have not found your partner yet, put yourself in this table, and/or directly address somebody already listed there. It is up to you to find your partner!

The goal of this project is to apply and study Hidden Markov Models and related algorithms.

You should submit

  • Python module hmm_inference.py with your implementation of the inference algorithms,
  • report describing what you have done, and
  • Python modules/scripts demonstrating any optional parts/additional work you have done.

The report may be written in Czech or in English, shall have the form of a scientific article, it should be concise, self-contained, showing everything the authors wants to show. Additionally, it should also contain:

  • A brief description of the division of the labour in the team (maybe in the form of a table/matrix showing who worked on what).
  • A brief description of the organization of the work in the team (e.g., what cooperative/sharing tools were used - e-mail, Dropbox/OneDrive/GDrive, git, gitlab, …).

The purpose of this part is merely informative, we will not use it to judge you in any way (and in particular, it will not affect how the points will be distributed: both team members get the same number of points).

Deadline: Find the exact date in BRUTE.

Late policy: late solutions will be penalized by 4 points for each started week of delay.

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