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Timetable at FEE Students of PGE Upload system BRUTE


Quarantine strategy
In particular, the regulating documents are:

The overall quarantine outline: http://www.fel.cvut.cz/en/covid/.

All exam participants are expected to know and follow the given quarantine rules during PGE exams.
If the quarantine rules are violated the exam might be terminated prematurely without yielding any result or grading.

Dates and locations of examinations

The exams are held completely in online mode. Register yourself in the KOS system.

Homeworks completed

You should complete all homeworks you had chosen to solve before you sit for the exam.


The exam is in the form of an online discussion. The student is presented with a few questions (see examples below), one by one, and the possible solutions are discussed with the examiner online. Before discussing a question, the student is given about 10-15 minutes to prepare individually the solution. The questions have mostly programming character, the student is expected to share the screen containing their code and the programming environment with the examiner.

Both the student and the examiner use their web camera and screen sharing options. So, working camera and working Python environment are necessary technical conditions for sitting for an exam.

The communication software used is MS Teams.

Example exam questions.: Example exam questions (updated 24.5.)

Points and grading
At the exam, the total of the following is computed:

  • Points gained by solving homeworks. Acceptable minimum is 20 points, maximum is 32 points.
  • Points gained by solving the exam. Acceptable minimum is 13 of maximum 26 points. The amount of points gained is decided by the examiner.
Points total   Grade  
============   =====
      < 33       F 
 33  -  37       E 
 38  -  42       D  
 43  -  47       C 
 48  -  52       B 
 53  -  58       A
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