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Update as of May 10: The university policies now allow meetings of up to 15 people so I plan to organize standard (physical-presence) exam terms for 14 students each before the summer holidays. Due to the additional requirement of at least 2 meters of distance between people, we can only use large lecture rooms, which will likely be overbooked. This may result in inconvenient exam time slots. There will be no oral interviews; you will leave the building right after submitting your written test and you will learn your score online.

An assessment (zapocet) is required to sign up for the exam. A minimum of 25 points out of 50 is required to pass the exam. Update: due to the non-standard conditions of this year's SMU, I am lifting the said requirement of 25 points out of 50 at the final exam. Your grade will simply be determined by the sum of lab points and exam points. The student qualifies for a grade determined by the sum of the written test points with the points (max 50) earned throughout the tutorials (A for >=90, B for >=80, etc.).

Update as of May 25: Due to the limited time frames for exams, the test lasts only 90 minutes and has only 40 points in total. Your score will thus be scaled by 5/4.

An illustrative sample of exam questions: smu-problems-blind.pdf. The points allocation is on the 0-100 scale in this sample so you can expect about half of the points for questions of similar difficulty in the actual test.

The same sample with exemplary answers (except for the last question): smu-problems.pdf. You are strongly recommended to work out the answer-less questions first before looking at the answers.

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