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  1. Students can get a maximum of 100 points.
  2. Up to 50 points can be obtained during the semester, another max. 50 points at the written exam.
  3. A minimum of 25 points is required to pass the exam.
  4. A minimum of 25 points is required to obtain an assessment.
  5. Points for the work during the semester can be obtained for solving 3 assignments, the first one is for 20 points, the remaining two for 15 points.
  6. For each day after the deadline, your homework score is reduced (but you cannot get a negative score).
  7. All mandatory parts of assignments must be solved.
  8. Attendance at tutorials is not compulsory, however, attendance is highly recommended. Consultation is allowed only for attending students and students with a timely excuse.
  9. The final grade is determined according to the following table:
Points ECTS Grade
100 - 90 A excellent
89 - 80 B very good
79 - 70 C good
69 - 60 D satisfactory
59 - 50 E sufficient
49 and less F failed
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