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PUI lecture plan 2018/2019

All lectures are in KN:E-301 (K9) each Monday 9:15–10:45.

Lecture Date Lecturer Contents Materials
1. 18/2 Lukáš Chrpa Introduction to automated planning Introduction Models+Languages (1-33)
2. 25/2 Lukáš Chrpa State-space Search Algorithms (34-82) Graphplan
3. 4/3 Lukáš Chrpa Relaxation heuristics Relaxation Heuristics
4. 11/3 Lukáš Chrpa Abstraction heuristics Abstraction Heuristics
5. 18/3 Álvaro Torralba Symbolic Search Symbolic Search
6. 25/3 Lukáš Chrpa Landmarks and landmark heuristics Landmark heuristics LM-cut
7. 1/4 Lukáš Chrpa Modeling and reformulation Modeling and reformulation
8. 8/4 Daniel Fišer Heuristics using LP formulations LP-based Heuristics
9. 15/4 Lukáš Chrpa Plan-space search, Planning for AUVs Plan-space search Planning for AUVs
10. 22/4 - Easter Monday
11. 29/4 Branislav Bošanský Probabilistic Planning and MDP pah_pp_mdp_2018.pdf
12. 6/5 Branislav Bošanský MDP and MCTS pah_mcts_2018.pdf
13. 13/5 Branislav Bošanský POMDPs pah_pomdp_2018.pdf pah-pomdp-tiger.pdf
14. 20/5 Branislav Bošanský Recent Approximate Techniques for POMDPs

Older resources – Carmel Domshlak

Obsah Materiály Video
Planning as general problem solving,
descriptive problem specification.
1 1
Planning as heuristic search with domain-independent heuristics
– delete relaxation based heuristics
– abstraction based heuristics
Planning as SAT 3 3a
Partial order planning
– plan-space search (variants of the POP algorithm)
– partial-order planning via CSP
3 4a
Partial order planning
– plan-space search (variants of the POP algorithm)
– partial-order planning via CSP

PAH 2011/2012 lectures by Gerhard Wickler are available at http://webdav.agents.fel.cvut.cz/data/teaching/pah/lectures/lectures_older/2011/.

PAH 2012/2013 lectures by Carmel Domshlak are available at http://webdav.agents.fel.cvut.cz/data/teaching/pah/lectures/

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