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Python Development

  • This is the first year of Python being supported for the assignments in this course.
  • Since all the materials are written for Matlab, using Python is mainly for experienced Python users with knowledge of Numpy module
  • Be careful with indexing standards differences for Matlab and for Python.
  • Using Python is voluntary and a student who will decide to use it has to count with some restrictions
    • Upload system and assignment templates are in alpha version and we cannot guarantee a bug-free experience
    • We support only Python 2.7 for now (version supporting Python 3.5+ is in progress and may so the whole semester)
  • We will try to build an automatic evaluation script for every lab, but it is not guaranteed as it is quite demanding job. In case we fail to support the automatic evaluation we will change into personal evaluation instead.
  • In case of troubles with the upload system, it will be possible to submit the solutions personally.
  • Use the forum to discuss any Python issues.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Not working with correct shapes of input/output data: Shapes of all input/output data are defined in the docstring of individual methods. Please strictly stick to the prescribed shapes.
    • If you want to use i.e. np array <1xn> as (n,), you can use np.squeeze() in the beginning of the method.
    • For returning data in certain shape, you can use np.expand_dims() or np.at_leastXd() (where X is the number of dimmensions).

Assignment Templates

  • There are no .zip template files for Python
  • All assignment templates are stored in a git repository
  • Follow the instruction in the repository README
  • Make sure to get the current template version before starting to work on an assignment
  • Make sure not to push the repository with your solutions to any public remote (=plagiarism), you can use FEE GitLab for private remote repo.

List of Modules Available

  • The evaluation server has the following packages installed:
    • matplotlib (1.4.2)
    • numpy (1.8.2)
    • scipy (0.14.0)
    • Pillow (2.6.1)
    • pandas (0.14.1)
  • If there is something important missing, please contact us on forum. We will do our best to install it on the evaluation server.
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