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The goal of the labs is to exercise the topics presented on lectures.

On some labs you will receive homework assignment, which are implementation of an algorithm or a method solving some interesting combinatorial optimisation problem. In all cases, the solutions to homework assignments are submitted to UploadSystem where they are automatically checked and evaluated. There are no strict deadlines, however, you will be penalised by -1 points for each week after deadline. Completing all homeworks successfully is a mandatory requirement for the assessment. Moreover, we encourage you to solve the homeworks since in the practical test you will use algorithms implemented for the homeworks.

Plan of the Labs

Week No. Title Notes  Handouts Other materials
1 Introduction, Gurobi installation - 01_gurobi.pdf grading_and_rules.pdf gurobi_examples.zip
2 Semester Project, LP and ILP basics - - Cocontest assignment, 02_lab_codes.zip
3 ILP 1 HW1, deadline for choosing semester project 03_ilp.pdf HW1 public test cases, 03_lab_codes.zip
4 ILP 2 - 04_ilp.pdf Fivers, 04_lab_codes.zip
5 Shortest Paths Consultation 05_stp.pdf czech_republic.txt
6 Network Flows HW2 06_flows.pdf HW2 public test cases
7 Minimum Cost Flows HW3 07_mcf.pdf HW3 public test cases
8 Bratley's Problem HW4 08_bratley.pdf Scheduling ZOO HW4 public test cases
9 Dynamic Programming CoContest consultation 09_dynamic.pdf -
10 Practical Test - --
11 Tuesday public holiday - -
11 Thursday consultation -
12 Tuesday public holiday - -
12 Thursday Traveling Salesman Problem HW5 10_tsp.pdf HW5 public test cases
13 Tuesday Traveling Salesman Problem HW5 10_tsp.pdf HW5 public test cases
13 Thursday (given on 17.5.) consultation - -
14 Presentation of the semester project solutions Attendance is mandatory. - -

Classroom computers

OS: Debian Linux 64b, select “DCE PXE → DCE 4.9 stretch app” during booting

Login: username + main CTU password (the one you use for KOS)

Development environments: CLion (C++), IntelliJ (Java), PyCharm (Python), Visual Studio Code, GVim, Eclipse, Geany are installed. CLion, IntelliJ and PyCharm are installed in /opt and their license have to be activated (this is done by setting the license server that will be provided to you during the first lab). For interactive Python, you can use IPython.

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