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Supporting materials for the lectures of the academic year 2023/2024. The materials are slides, also available in printer-safe version as handouts with 2×2 and 3×3 slides on a single page.

These supportive materials are not intended as a replacement for your own notes from the lectures. They are rather provided to help you to understand the studied problems.

Most of the lectures are covered in the book: K. N. King: C Programming A Modern Approach, Second Edition. W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2008., which is the main course textbook.

The source codes presented in the lectures are attached in the particular .zip archive. It is highly recommended to become familiar with programs, implement complex programs by yourself and use the provided sources as a source of inspiration/receipt.

1. Course Information, Introduction to C Programming

Jan Faigl 2017/10/03 21:40

2. Writing your program in C, expressions, control structures (loops)

Jan Faigl 2017/10/03 21:41

3. Data types, arrays, pointer, memory storage classes, function call

Jan Faigl 2017/10/25 09:10

Jan Faigl 2017/10/26 09:45 Update: FIX typos and formatting

4. Arrays, strings, and pointers

Jan Faigl 2017/08/11 14:53

Jan Faigl 2017/10/26 09:45 Update: FIX typos and formatting

5. Data types: Struct, Union, Enum, Bit fields. Preprocessor and Building Programs

Jan Faigl 2017/08/11 14:54

6. Data types: Input/Output and Standard C Library

Jan Faigl 2017/08/11 14:55


8. Parallel programming, parallel processing, and synchronizations primitives (semaphores, messages, shared memory)

Jan Faigl 2017/11/15 08:32

9. Multithreading programming, application models, POSIX threads and C11 threads

Jan Faigl 2017/11/15 08:32

10. Version Control Systems (VCSs)

Jan Faigl 2017/08/11 14:58

11. ANSI C, C99, C11, and differences between C and C++. Introduction to object oriented programming in C++

Jan Faigl 2017/08/11 14:59

12. Object oriented programming in C++: classes, objects, inheritance and polymorphism

Jan Faigl 2017/20/12 21:18

Sources from the lecture on 2017/12/20 - : be5b99cpl-lec11-sources-2017-12-20.zip

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