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This subject is delivered by Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction.


The main topic is the data structures used in computer graphics. The basic and hierarchical data structures over point and object data will be addressed for 2D and 3D domain. The focus of the lectures and exercises is nearest and k-nearest neighbor search, ray shooting, z-buffer based visibility algorithms and collision detection algorithms and related data structures. The students will work on their own projects, each student has a different task. Each student's project has the official sylabus and schedule .

Goals of study

Students will acquire credits on the basis of term project and it consists of achieved results, the source code documentation, project presentation and the project functionality. There will be a written test in the term. The extent of the exam is given by the contents of lectures.


Space and runtime complexity of algorithms, binary trees and heaps, tree balancing, search algorithms, priority queues, fundamentals of von Neumann architecture. Essential knowledge of programming and ANSI C++ programming language is definitely needed and will be checked during the first exercise.


Sorting, searching, multidimensional data structures, objects representations, ray shooting, ray tracing, visibility computations, visibility culling, collision detection.

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