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HW 2 - Classification

In this homework, you'll begin by revisiting the fundamentals of classification. Subsequently, you'll implement a straightforward classifier. Following that, you will delve into more advanced classifiers utilizing deep learning techniques. Upon completing this assignment, you will have a comprehensive grasp of classification.

All the necessary files and instructions are available here https://github.com/urob-ctu/hw2. Please be sure to carefully read the instructions contained in the README.md file.


This assignment is worth a maximum of 20 points. The grading breakdown is as follows:

  • Assignments in the assignments folder (15 points): While following the instructions in the notebooks, you'll be prompted to make modifications to specific files within the assignments folder. The autograder will assess your code and allocate points accordingly (1 point per assignment). You can initiate the autograder locally by executing the following command in your terminal:
python test_assignments.py

The autograder exclusively evaluates the files in the assignments folder. Additionally, please refrain from altering any code outside the designated sections, as doing so may cause the autograder to malfunction and result in a less than optimal grade.

  • Final assignment + responses to questions (5 points): The final task entails training an MLP classifier in the file mlp_part_2.ipynb. Furthermore, in most of the notebooks, you will encounter questions that require your responses. Kindly provide your answers within the specified cells. Your responses will be evaluated by the teaching assistants, and points will be awarded accordingly.


Once you have completed all the assignments and are ready to submit your work, employ the following command in your terminal:

python submit.py

This action will generate a zip file named hw2.zip in the project's root directory. Submit this file to the BRUTE system.

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