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[ACG] R. Sedgewick: Algorithms in C Part 5: Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition), Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002
[HMU] J. E. Hopcroft, R. Motwani, J. D. Ullman: Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation, 2nd ed., Addison-Wesley, 2001
[CLRS] T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, R. L. Rivest, C. Stein: Introduction to Algorithms, 2nd ed., MIT Press, 2001
[TSA] B. Melichar et al.: Text Search Algorithms, FEE CTU, Prague, 2004 .pdf

In Czech:
[JP] B. Melichar: Jazyky a překlady, Praha, ČVUT 1996, in Czech
[JP-LL(1)] ke stažení: LL(1) gramatiky , in Czech
[JPc] B. Melichar et al.: Jazyky a překlady Cvičení, Praha, ČVUT 2004, in Czech
[TIS] B. Melichar et al.: Textové informační systémy, FEL ČVUT, Praha, 1997, .pdf, in Czech
[GJA] J. Demel: Grafy a jejich aplikace, Praha, Academia 2002, in Czech

Other Links

Many data structures
Easy visualisation

Graphs and graph alforithms

[TIN] J. Kolář: Teoretická informatika, skripta, ČVUT, 2004, Skripta TIN, in Czech

Formal languages and automata

[TJAI] Š. Vavrečková: Teorie jazyků a automatů I, Slezská univerzita v Opavě, 2007 Skripta pro TJA I, in Czech
[ZST] P. Jančar: Teoretická informatika ,VŠB-TU, Ostrava, 2007, Základní studijní text, in Czech
[TKA] H. Dostál: Teorie konečných automatů, regulárních gramatik, regulárních výrazů a jazyků, Fakulta informatiky a managementu UHK, Strukturovaná sránka, in Czech
[BGJ] K. Stratílková: Bezkontextové gramatiky, jazyky a zásobníkové automaty, Fakulta informatiky a managementu UHK, Strukturovaná sránka, in Czech
[AFJ] I. Černá, M. Křetínský, A. Kučera: Automaty a formální jazyky I, Fakulta informatiky MU, 2002, Elektronický text, in Czech
[FJA] B. Rovan, M. Forišek: Formálne Jazyky a Automaty, FMFI UK, Bratislava, 2009, Elektronické skriptá pre tých, ktorí preferujú štúdium v rodnej reči, in Slovak

Various additional sources

Programming links

We recommend the following publications to those hwo are interested in exercising topics from programming related to algorithms and computer sicience at intermediate and advanced levels. We will be pleased to help you with a selection based on your personal experience and interests.

[APT] Pavel Töpfer: Algoritmy a programovací techniky, Prometheus Praha 1995, 2. vydání 2007, in Czech
A popular textbook on programming. It presents the most important data structures and their usage, basic sorting techniques, searching and graph operations. Probably, the best Czech textbook in this field, compact, for not a so high price. If it cannot be found at shops, it can be borrowed at libraries.

[AC] Robert Sedgewick: Algoritmy v C, části 1-4, SoftPress, Praha, 2003
A translation of the world famous textbook. It contains details on sorting and searching. It is an excellent book with an introduction to a deeper insight to subject topics, 688 pages, the original price approx 700Kc, at present sold out. The FEE library has about 10 copies, other libraries less, but they have it.

[ACG] Robert Sedgewick: Algorithms in C Part 5: Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition), Addison-Wesley Professional, 2002
Continuation of [AC]. Graph reprezentations, graph searching, shortest paths, minimum spanning trees, network flows, directed graphs. Theoretical parts can be found elsewhere, too (e.g. [GJA]). This book, similarly as [AC], stresses also important implementation issues. 528 pages.

There are two variants of the books by Prof. Sedgewick in English, for C++ and for Java.

[ADSP] Wróblewski P.: Algoritmy. Datové struktury a programovací techniky, Computer Press, Praha 2003. In Czech
This book is focused on no so advanced readers, it contains some inaccuracies and other important issues are missing. We would not recommend it as a university text book. Nevertheless, it provides a good overview and a set of typical problems.
Having less money, we recommend to purchase the previous publications.

Practical programming

Some training tasks might be found at:
a. secondary school programming championships.
b. mailing seminars related to programming, MFF UK Praha, MFF UK Bratislava, MU Brno.

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