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Upload System

Solutions to homeworks and semester project are submitted to UploadSystem where they are automatically checked and evaluated. General information about the UploadSystem

  • Supported programming lanugages: C++
  • Compiled programs must be able to run on GNU/Linux operating system.
  • Source codes with multiple files has to be submitted as .zip archives.
  • If your program exits with non-zero status, you will be notified about this. Usually, non-zero status is returned when your program crashes.

Details about input, output and command line arguments of your compiled programs are provided in the corresponding assignment handouts.

From now on, assume that $ROOT_DIR is the root directory with your submitted source codes.

C++ details


  1. all source files must reside in $ROOT_DIR (subdirectories are not allowed)
  2. all source files have either cpp or h suffix
  3. one of cpp files must contain main() function

Source codes are compiled with g++ compiler, version 6.3, c++17 standard. The exact flags used for each homework are provided in the homework handouts.

Using MPI in Semester project

If you want to use MPI for solving the semester project, you need to tell the UploadSystem to use the MPI runtime mpirun. This can be done by creating an empty file $ROOT_DIR/use_mpi.

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