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BE0b17mtb -- Matlab

Students will learn how to efficiently use both basic and advanced Matlab functions, including graphic user interface design. Emphasis will be put on problem analysis and implementation, understanding Matlab documentation, debugging user-defined functions and independent work with Matlab (proved by work on the project). Knowledge acquired can be applied to a broad spectra of courses taught at FEE (processing labs, final projects) and can be used in future professional career.

conditions of credit award:

  • to hand-in a project (deadline: last week of the semester, max. 50p)
  • to pass written test (last week of the semester, min. 50% success rate, max. 20p)
  • to gather points during semester (30 points, min. 50%): a short test during semester (15 points), homeworks (3×5 points)
  • max. 2 missed classes (more absences after prior arrangement only)

Final grade:

90-100 points - A (excellent)

80-89 points - B (very good)

70-79 points - C (good)

60-69 points - D (satisfactory)

50-59 points - E (sufficient)

0-49 points - F (failed)

Links to download Matlab:

https://download.cvut.cz/ (CTU students)

http://svti.fel.cvut.cz/en/services/software/matlab.html (FEE students)

Link to homework and test scores:

Link to project submission:

Outline and syllabus, Outline and syllabus of exercises

1. Introduction, information on the course, Matlab environment, basic math operators

2. Vectors and matrices

3. Vectorization, indexation, relational and logical operators

4. Loops and program branching

5. Functions and debugging

6. Cells, strings and structures

7. Visualization

8. Static GUI (Graphical User Interface)

9. Dynamic GUI

10. Timer, sorting operations, profiler

11. Set operators, error treatment

12. Symbolic math

13. Test, project finalization

14. (Reserve)

Recommended literature:

[1] Attaway, S.: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, 3rd ed., Butterworth-Heinemann, 2013.

[2] Hahn, B., Valentine, D.: Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientists, 5th ed., Academic Press, 2013.

[3] Kiusalaas, J.: Numerical Methods in Engineering with Matlab. Cambridge University Press, 2005.

[4] Mathews, J. H., Fink, K. D.: Numerical Methods Using Matlab. Prentice Hall, 1999


Lecturer: Pavel Valtr, https://elmag.fel.cvut.cz/profile-main/165?language=en

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