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7. Seminar - Parallel programming for combination of OpenMP and MPI for multi-computer systems

The second semester project offers a considerable degree for self-realization. The student has the option of choosing the problem (the computationally loading processor) that he/she wants to deal with (or has previously dealt with) and then process it with the most efficient use of computing resources available to him/her. Inspiration can be, for example, the search for roots of the function of multiple variables, calculating the product of matrices, solving differential equations, various optimizations using genetic algorithms, sorting, etc. The aim of the student's work is to parallelize, not to achieve optimal sequential or parallel solution (although generally desirable)

Full assignment of the second semester project: EN: 02_semester_project-en.pdf CZ: 02_semestralni_projekt.pdf

Project evaluation:

Problem transformation into C/C++ language 1
Parallelization and speedup using OpenMP, experiments and speedup documentation 5
Parallelization and speedup using MPI, experiments and speedup documentation 5
Parallelization and speedup using combination of OpenMP and MPI, experiments and speedup documentation 3
Code formating, comments to document solution, analysis, conclusion 1
Celkem: 15

It is necessary to achieve at least 15 points (inclusive) for the successful submission of the project. .

Remark: Demonstration of MPI solution on single CPU system is sufficient to evaluate solution, however, use computer with at least 4 physical cores (8 virtual).

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