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Lecture Day Topics Slides
1. 20.2. Estimation of execution time of a code, asymptotic complexity. pdf
2. 27.2. 1D arrays and lists, prefix sum, binary search. search insert delete prefsum
3. 6.3. 2D arrays and matrices. fill and search
4. 13.3. Strings and text files. strings, textfiles, climate1, climate2
the data are available in the practices section
5. 20.3. Recursion I, principles, simple examples. recursive1 recursive2 recursive3
6. 27.3. Library support for searching and sorting, complexity of searching and sorting tasks. search1, search2, sort1, sort2
7. 3.4. Abstract Data Types (ADT) – stack, queue, tree, graph – and their implementation. ADT tree, queue, stack
8. 10.4. Recursion II, tree processing. ADT tree 2, tree training example
9. 17.4. Graph processing and searching I, graph representation, local search. ADT graph
10. 24.4. Graph processing and searching 2, BFS, DFS. ADT graph
11. 9.5. Python application libraries Numpy, Scipy with examples of use. ex1 ex2 ex3
12. 14.5. Repetitions, exam preparations Analysis example1
Analysis example2
Analysis example3
Example implementation tasks
13. 22.5. Python application libraries Matplotlib, SageMath, NetworkX, with examples of use. in preparation

Graph problem examples

Source codes of graph problem examples:

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