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Virtual workstation

From Windows operating systems, the virtual workstation can be accessed using the Remote desktop utility; UNIX-like systems offer similar solutions, for example rdesktop.

To log into the workstation, use your default username and the Novell network password. This password can be found or set here: https://service.felk.cvut.cz/heslo.

For file transfer, Altap Salamander (already installed in the workstation with plugins for ftp and scp) can be used.

The workstation remote access system uses some of the code from this system, which is being developed at the Department of Control Engineering at FEE, CTU.


  • Resolution : parameter -g, for example -g 1024×768, -g 80%
  • Sharing a local folder: parameter -r disk:<sharename>=<path>, therefore eg. -r disk:share=/home/MY_NAME/skola/komari. In the actual virtual workstation, this folder can be found at \\tsclient\share.

Remote Desktop

This Windows utility can make local resources available to the virtual workstation as well, the settings are located in Options→Local Resources→More.

Booking system

In order to use the virtual workstation, it is mandatory to make a reservation. The booking system is available at the upload system website at the Rezervace link in the upper right corner of the page (after logging in). It can also be accessed directly by following this link.

Be aware that creation and booting of the virtual machine takes some time, therefore, it is not possible to connect to the machine immediately when the reservation time slot starts, it usually takes 2 minutes to boot.

Pět minut před vypršením rezervovaného času systém zobrazí dialog upozorňující na automatický shutdown systému po uplynutí této doby. V tomto čase proto doporučujeme provést uložení rozpracované práce na jiný počítač, stav virtuálního počítače není automaticky obnovován a uživatel po nalogování vždy začíná s čistým diskem.

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