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Mitsubishi robot RV-6SDL

A robot used in MASH project. Room number is A420 and a phone number is +420 224 357 245 (local line 7245).

How to use it

  • Reservation This is used to reserve the robot time for the experiments. Please, fill, who is reserving the robot. Private access, username and password same as for manuals. Be sure, that you reserve yourself for the right robot, MASH is RV-6SDL
  • Computer (MASH Application server) is installed. The operating system is Windows 7.
  • Mitsubishi SW RT-Toolbox2 is working over both USB and RS-232. COSIROP is not supported anymore. RT ToolBox2 shortcut is placed on the desktop.
  • Cameras are working. One can use:
    • FlyCap - SW by Pointgrey, which allows to grab images or test the camera.
    • Matlab Image Acquisition Toolbox.
  • Robot is not mounted yet, be careful. Will be done soon.
  • To control robot from matlab you can use Mitsubishi Melfa Robot Control Toolbox pro Matlab .


  • RS-232 cable has to be crossed according documentation. Standard Specifications Manual page 3-101.
  • RS-232 communication with the RT-Toolbox2 version 1.2 (we have) is not working in the 1: High reliability communication method, which is the robot default. Robot is currently set to 0: Conventional communication method defined by the parameter COMSPEC as described in Detailed explanations of functions and operations manual page 5-383.
  • RT-Toolbox2 is set as in RT-Toolbox2 manual, page 5-58, except of BaudRate, which is set to 38400 and the protocol is non-procedural. The voltage required for transmission is on 12 V level (it is not tolerant to 3V levels against the standard).
  • RS-232 is currently set to:
    • COM9:
    • 38400 Baud,
    • 8 bits (default),
    • parity even (default),
    • two stopbits (default),
    • non-procedural,
    • terminator 'CR' (default).


Denavit-Hartenberg notation

joint α a Θ d parameter range
1 -90 85 parameter 350 < -170; 170 >
2 0 380 -90 + parameter 0 < -92; 135 >
3 -90 100 -90 + parameter 0 < -129; 166 >
4 90 0 parameter 425 < -160; 160 >
5 -90 0 parameter 0 < -120; 120 >
6 0 0 180 + parameter 85 < -360; 360 >

The parameters α (rotation around new X axis) Θ (rotation around Z axis) are in degress and the parameters a (translation in new X axis) and d (translation in Z axis) are in milimeters. The Base is eye matrix and there is no Tool installed. The parameter range is in degrees and is the maximum possible range.

Robot setup

Robot currently set using parameter MEPAR to work above plane with the z coordinate 100 mm.

Sample images

Images , top view and oblique view, of cubes placed on the TV screen, which projects “wild water”.

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