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-==== Pan-Tilt unit Megarobot ==== 
-Pan-Tilt Unit consits of two drives AI-701 manufactured by Megarobotics. Drive AI-701 form a servo which is controlled by commands via RS-232 interface. The servo directly interprets commands. There is no intermediary control unit between the PC and the drive. 
-There are two drives always connected to the one computer via RS-232 bus. Recipient of the control command is determined by the identification number (ID). The azimuth drive (horizontal) has ID == 0, and the drive for the elevation (vertical) has ID == 1. ** Do not change the ID ** -- you can easily cause malfunction of the device. For the same reasons, it is also prohibited to change the speed of the serial communication interface (baud rate). 
-  * Manufacturer ([[http://​www.megarobot.net/​|MEGAROBOT.NET]]) provides also manual {{:​help:​common:​aimotor701_manual_megarobot.pdf|AI-701}}. 
-  * For simple testing, one can use the "AI MOTOR - Tool v1.26",​ which is already installed in the workplace. 
-  * We encourage the student to read a short description of the "​{{:​help:​common:​zaciname_s_aimotorem.pdf|Zacínáme s AI-MOTORem}}",​ provided by ([[http://​www.megarobot.net/​|MEGAROBOT.NET]]),​ where the first step of working with the drive in that program are described. 
-==== How to control the PT unit ==== 
-Pan-Tilt unit can be controlled in MATLAB using [[http://​www.mathworks.com/​help/​matlab/​matlab_external/​getting-started-with-serial-i-o.html|Serial Port I/O]]. 
-  - Pan-Tilt is initialized by the following sequence of commands <​code>​ser = serial('​COM1'​);​ 
-  - You can control the PT unit by writing corresponding control bytes (see {{:​help:​common:​aimotor701_manual_megarobot.pdf|manuál}}) to the file ''​ser''​ using command ''​fwrite''​. 
-  - To simplify the PT control the following function is provided:<​code>​ptmove(ser,​ pan_pos, tilt_pos);</​code>​ where ''​pan_pos''​ corresponds to the absolute rotation angle around vertical axis, ''​tilt_pos''​ corresponds to the absolute rotation angle around horizontal axis. Range of values for ''​pan_pos''​ and ''​tilt_pos''​ is from 0 to 254. It covers approximately 80 degrees in a given direction. To set the unit into the initial position (i.e. the position, where camera optical axis is perpendicular to the LCD screen) use the following values ''​pan_pos==127'',​ ''​tilt_pos==127''​.<​code>​function ptmove(ser, pan_pos, tilt_pos, speed) 
-    if nargin<4 
-        speed = 3; 
-    end 
-    sermove(ser,​ speed, 0, pan_pos); 
-    sermove(ser,​ speed, 1, tilt_pos); 
-function sermove(ser,​ speed, pantilt, pos) 
-    b1 = uint8(hex2dec('​ff'​));​ 
-    b2 = uint8(bitshift(uint8(speed),​ 5) + uint8(pantilt));​ 
-    b3 = min(max(uint8(pos),​ uint8(0)), uint8(254));​ 
-    b4 = uint8(bitand(bitxor(b2,​ b3), uint8(hex2dec('​7f'​))));​ 
-    fwrite(ser, [b1 b2 b3 b4]); 
-  - In the end, the communication is close as follows:<​code>​fclose(ser);​ 
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