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XP33ZVD – Základy počítačového vidění

XP33ZVD Basics of Computer Vision

The aim of the subject

The subject introduces Ph.D. students to digital image processing and image analysis. The subject is aimed at novices in this domain. The lecture is shared with the master course subject Digital Image B4M33DZO, BE4M33DZO.

Lectures: Wednesdays 9:15-10:45, KN:E-301



Students have two options. First option, students are invited to attend the standard labs of the subject BE4M33DZO and get the credit for their work similarly as master students do. Second option, students can choose writing of a scientific paper as described below. Students can choose either first or second option. They can also choose both options if they like to learn more.

The second option either replacing labs or adding to labs is writing a (dummy or useful) scientific paper related to the subject. This part is taught by the lecturer Václav Hlaváč personally in most cases. The student usually finds a topic related to her/his own research, which has a link to the subject and uses its methods. The student consults the topic and writing of the paper with the teacher regularly. The credit is obtained when the paper reaches certain level of maturity to be, e.g., ready for a conference submission. Two aims are followed: (a) use methods of the subject in practice; (b) improve student's craft in paper writing.

The student's overall performance in labs is evaluated by maximally 30 points. This evaluation contributes to the exam evaluation.

Exam and its evaluation

The exam follows the same procedure as in the subject Digital image BE4M33DZO

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