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Labs and Seminars

Two types of labs (tutorials) will be proposed for the course (alternating):

  • practical labs in which students will implement selected methods discussed in the course and experiment with them,
  • theoretical labs in which students will discuss solutions of theoretical assignments (made available before the class).

The solutions of the practical labs have to be submitted using the upload system

  • Your task will be to program a solution of the assigned problems. You have to hand out your code and a report in PDF. The report has to contain only answers to the assignments (nothing else).
  • As a programming language you can use either Matlab or Python.
  • The deadline for submitting your solutions will be 4 weeks after the date of assignment. This is a hard deadline. (The report for the last lab has to be submitted not later than one week before the first exam.)

Lab/Seminar plan

Week Date Topic Lecturer Materials Deadline
1 4.10. none
2 11.10. Seminar BF
3 18.10. Seminar VF
4 25.10. Seminar VF
5 1.11. Lab: SVMs VF 29.11.
6 8.11. Seminar JD
7 15.11. Lab: Neural Networks JD 13.12
8 22.11. Seminar BF
9 29.11. Lab: EM algorithm BF 3.1.
11 6.12. Lab: Structured output SVMs VF 10.1.
10 13.12. Seminar BF
12 20.12. Seminar BF
13 3.1. Lab: Ensembling JD 13.1.
14 10.1. Seminar JD
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